With years of experience working with many artists from some great studios, including Realworld - I can help you capture and bring your music to life.

The most important part of the creative process is always the idea. I can help you refine and expand upon this and bring your idea to completion.

Over 18 years of live and studio experience playing guitar, keys, bass and BV's. As-well as heading up numerous live projects as Musical Director.

Benjamin Satherley-Johnson


Humm Studio B

A sanctuary away from the main room - this is my mix and production suite based at Humm Studios. It's comfortable, homely, and most importantly sounds just as good as it looks. There is a large collection of vintage and modern instruments, pedals and amps to make use of, and all recording and mixing is based around a top of line UAD Apollo X system. It's a great place to spend time writing, producing and hosting attended mixing sessions. 


Humm Studios

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Humm is a brand new recording facility located in central Bristol, run by the same team behind The Malthouse Recording Studio.


The space boasts a 45m2 live room with 3.5m high ceilings, a dedicated amp and vocal booth, and a 30m2 acoustically treated control room all designed by Tony James, associate member of the Institute of Acoustics.

We offer the use of our vast array of vintage amplifiers and instruments, alongside our selection of high-end microphones and outboard gear. Humm is an ideal space for creating your bands album, overdubbing some lead vocals, tracking huge drums in the live room or recording broadcast ready voiceovers for picture or podcasts in the fully treated booth.



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Lee Kiernan (IDLES)

Ben is one of my favourite people to work with.

I've produced and recorded bands with him many times at Humm Studios. It's a lovely space with some amazing equipment.

Daniel Pugsley (Skindred)

I’ve had a great experiences working with Benj at his studio. Its' relaxed at the same time work orientated and focused. Musically his work is great, and has elevated anything I’ve brought to him.

Aisha Vaughan (Chaouche)

I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Ben on a number of projects to date. He has surpassed my expectations consistently. Not only does he posses impeccable ears for mixing, but he dedicates 100% of his skill and professionalism to reach my musical goals.

There have been many times where I have hit a wall in terms of moving my projects forward, but with his impressive ability to design a bespoke package, has always given me a way to move forward.

I would recommend Ben every single time, without hesitation.

Robin James Mitchell (Robi Mitch)
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Working with Ben is always a treat. He is a true music aficionado whose love of tone and timbre drives his relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill. He is totally committed to getting the right sound for a project, and he is as emotionally invested as you are in making sure that a song sounds perfect by the time it is finished. He has a great range of analogue and digital tools at his disposal, and he knows how to get the best out of each of them. He is a wonderful musician with a great ear, and he's also a lovely guy who will do his utmost to make you feel comfortable and cared-for.

Shawn Joseph (Optimum Mastering)

"It’s always a great pleasure collaborating with Ben. His mixes for Robi Mitch were full of character and yet truly sympathetic to the artist. I would have no hesitation in recommending his skills."



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